National Technological University (NTU),

National Institute of Education(NIE),

St Andrew's Junior College (SAJC)

BSc (Biological Sciences) - 1st Class Honours,

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)-JC Level

Pioneer Junior College

Full time private tutor

'A' Level H1/H2 Biology Tuition


I am an ex trained MOE JC teacher/lecturer with 8 years of teaching and tutoring experience. I am able to provide my own up-to-date resources.

Student often feel overwhelmed and defeated by the intensive curriculum but Biology is not memory work. My no-frills, non-superfluous, nothing-fancy lessons aim give students just what they need. I focus greatly on making sure students understand salient aspects of the curriculum, which are very often buried within the copious content.

Having tutored students from the entire spectrum of Junior Colleges and IP schools, I have found success in improving grades of students who have consistently failed in this subject.

While I did not pursue Medicine as a career, being accepted into one of the local medical schools have given me insights into this career. I would be happy to provide counseling and guidance to students who wish to pursue a career in the medical field.