Would You Slap Another's Child?

By Holly Jean

A friend of mine showed me this news article a couple days ago. Long story short... a 3 year old boy hit a 2 year old boy in Toa Payoh Lor 7 market area. The father of the younger child who was hit, got mad at what he saw and slapped the 3 year old boy.

Picture from Stomp

It was quite hard and it left a mark on the child's face. The boy was brought to the hospital (this part... I don't know if it's over reaction or what, nowadays kids are not as hardy as my generation I guess).:

Then when told that his slap could have made the child deaf (Wow how hard was it?! Omg)... the man retorted - "I'll just pay money lor!" WTF that's disgusting. How would he like it if an adult slapped his child for misbehaving and made him deaf, then just shrugged it off saying he'll just give them some money to compensate for the deafness he caused.

Picture from OMY

Ok here's the even shittier part... this man is a friend of mine. :/ I'm still pretty good friends with his ex gf, she came to my wedding with her fiancé last year.

This man and I used to teach in a secondary school together for a few years; we were both from the same batch of new teachers at the time, moreover he was a scholar if I remembered correctly. We used to be quite close because we both had that streak for mischief.... that's when I got to know his then girlfriend too. I don't know if he's still a teacher now because he got into some epic trouble back then (relations with a student. Should I tell you more?? I don't want to be terribly gossipy la).

He went overseas to teach for a while and is now back in Singapore. I think he married a PRC or Indonesian Chinese (I'm pretty sure it's PRC). I saw his wedding pictures and then pics of his baby on FaceBook years ago and thought, okay he's got his life back on track, good for him. And now this. -_-

But even if someone were uneducated and not in a position which deals with children as a profession.... one should know better than to slap a 3 year old child. Right?

Parents nowadays are so indignant about their own children.

This post was first published over at the blog of Holly Jean on 20 November 2014. It is reproduced with permission.


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