Current School Teacher Better Than Full Time Private Tutor?

I received this email from a student :

I just want to ask: I realize that most of the tutors on your website are full-time private tutors. I have heard that current school teachers tend to be more familiar with the syllabus compared to full-time private tutors and I wonder if that's true? If that's the case, if one has the money, would you recommend hiring a current school teacher or a full-time private tutor?


The Response:

It is absolutely a myth as far as current school teachers being more acquainted with the mainstream syllabus is concerned. I would not recommend you to hire someone solely on the basis that he/she is a current school teacher (or a full time private tutor for that matter); what is of utmost importance would be gathering some form of understanding with regards to his/her vision of helping you achieve better grades, and deciding whether you can warm up considerably to his/her style of coaching. Don't forget personal teaching track records and academic backgrounds should also feature within your core selection criteria. All the best in your search for someone suitable.

The Czar (Site Founder)
Dated 28 January 2013