Scammed by tuition agency: Strong feelings of shame and anger

By Katherine Goh

A few months ago I made the dumb decision to join this ‘tuition agency’ that required me to pay $780 for a six month contract as a freelance tuition coordinator. I was rash and anxious to earn some quick bucks, so I said okay, against my better judgement.

Buyer’s remorse soon set in, and after a huge scolding from my mother (adding to that, several months of shaming by my family afterwards ) I realised how stupid it was to have to put down payment in advance just to secure a job. I was devastated but the money was already gone. I couldn’t find students to match with tutors; in the process I completely lost confidence in myself and my sense of judgement.

I also took a pay cut during that period so I felt even worse. Words cannot describe the anguish I felt when my family members shamed me for being scammed of $780, constantly reminding me that amount could have been contributed to household expenses.

Today I wired the final sum of money to them. It’s supposed to be closure for me, yet it’s stirring up so much shame and anger from within. I just wanted to remind everyone out there to be discerning and do your due diligence before opening up your wallet to any offers, ANYTHING at all. Even if it seemed like a great opportunity on paper. $780+$55 may seem like a small sum to you, but as a poly fresh graduate, it hurts terribly. Even though I’ve since recovered more than this amount from my full time job, nevertheless it still hurts when I have to fork out money to hand over to scammers.

And to fellow fresh graduates, please be extra wary of anyone who says you can earn a quick buck without any prior working experience. I learnt this the hard way.

Thank you for reading, if you’ve read this far. Just needed to get this off my chest.

Editor's Note: Complaints were previously filed against Trust Tuition Agency on Scambook.

This first appeared as a post on the Facebook page of Seedly Personal Finance on 29 April 2018. Do join in the discussion over there if you have thoughts to share.


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