London School of Economics, UK,

National Institute of Education(NIE),

Victoria Junior College (VJC),

Dunman High Schol (DHS)

BSc (Economics) First Class Honours from London School of Economics,

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

Peirce Secondary School,

Hougang Secondary School,

Yio Chu Kang Secondary School,

Maris Stella High School

School teacher ( based at MOE HQ at the present moment)

Economics Tuition For The Following:

1. Singapore-Cambridge 'A' Levels

2. International Baccalaureate

3. Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) Overseas Programmes (Especially University of London Economics Modules)

4. UK AS/A Levels (Edexcel or AQA)

Economics Tuition by LSE First Class Honours Graduate / MOE Teacher


Understanding key Economics concepts alone will not help you score for the ‘A’ Levels Economics Exam. The only way to do well is by being able to apply this understanding to reality. I specialise in helping my students see how the theories and concepts in their notes are actually all around them; to be able to relate their daily lives, as well as local and global events, to Economics, and to develop a deep interest in the subject. It is only when you are inspired by the importance of Economics to society and life that you will begin to enjoy learning – and this is the key to not just doing well, but to excel in the Exams. My many previous students who have grown to enjoy the subjects and gone on to get their ‘A’s for the exams testify to this.

Testimonials from my previous students will also highlight how I regularly raise domestic and global micro- and macro-economic issues for discussion in class. I specialise in small group classes of 4 to 5 where students are made to share and defend their views and opinions. This is not the place to look for spoon-fed answers. In my class, you will learn how to develop your own stand on Economic issues using the backing of economic theory, empirical evidence, and sound analytical abilities. This develops the essential analysis and evaluation skills required to score the coveted level 3 (L3) marks for the ‘A’ Levels Exam.