University of South Florida

PhD (College of Engineering),

MSc (College of Arts and Sciences)

Full time private tutor

'A' Level H1/H2 Physics Tuition,

'O' Level Physics Tuition,

Lower Secondary Science Tuition

222A Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574354


Dr. Daniel Milton Oman is a Singapore PR who has lived here for more than 10 years. He is the founder and tutor at Daniel Milton Education Pte Ltd. He has taught private tuition classes for science and physics since 2010 and has taught students from over 40 schools in Singapore, becoming very familiar with the local school syllabi. Daniel comes from the USA, where he taught physics at two Universities in Florida.

Daniel gets excellent results for his students as seen in the testimonies on his website.

His methodology is:

1. Making sure students have a firm understanding of the concepts. He is very good at giving clear and understandable explanations of physics concepts. This is one of the things that really distinguishes him from other tutors. He is just very good at explaining physics.

2. He teaches students to recognize the type of problem they are dealing with and apply good problem solving skills. This is much more efficient than rote memorization techniques.

3. He relates physics to the real world, so that students can better understand what they are studying.

4. He knows the Singapore School tests and standardized tests very well and coaches students on how to answer those types of questions that they will encounter on their exams.

• What makes a good teacher?

• "Physics Third Edition" by Ken Dobson/David Grace/David Lovett and other recommended Physics textbooks