Say NO to Nanyang Academics

According to the folks who set up this particular Facebook Page, their main motivation is to "log genuine cases of how the owner of tuition agency Nanyang Academics refuses to pay his tutors their share of the tuition fees, and how he threatens them like a hooligan." They added: "Cases were previously reported to CASE and MOM, but they could not do anything to help. A police report was also made, but investigations can only start with more of such cases." In light of such circumstances, they are urging all tutors who were victims of the above-mentioned agency to come forward and share their experiences to generate greater public awareness and right the wrongs suffered. Reproduced below are actual excerpts of alleged cases extracted from the page itself. We refrain from forming any personal opinions without knowing the tuition agency's side of the story, but will still advise parents to exercise discretion if they choose to engage the services of any tuition agency. Hopefully a peaceful resolution can be reached eventually between all involved parties.

Case #1

I am an English tutor. I accepted an assignment to teach a P6 girl. After the second lesson, the parent asked me if I could also teach her daughter Science. I do not teach Science so I rejected her. When I went to her place for the 5th lesson, the parent appeared to be very shocked. I then got to know from her that she needed a Science tutor, and since I don't teach Science, the owner Ethan found another tutor who could teach both English and Science to replace me. The parent had wanted to inform me out of courtesy, but, in her words, Ethan WARNED her not to do so. He said he will contact me instead. But obviously he didn't. I tried calling him to clarify, but he did not answer my calls, and eventually blocked me. It is obvious that he did not have the intention to inform me, and did not care if I made a wasted trip. Such a way of business handling should never be condoned!

Case #2

Case #3

Case #4

So I took on an assignment. After the first lesson everything was fine except the parent asked if I have other slots as my only available lesson timing clashed with his Math tuition. But it was agreed that things will carry on. However, I went there for the second lesson and the Math tutor appeared halfway. Apparently the parent and Ethan decided to change the English tutor due to scheduling issues but I wasn't informed. Parent called me to inform me that she requested to change and said Ethan will inform me, but he didn't. In this case both tutor and agency should get half of the fees each (even though agency failed to inform and handle this matter properly or professionally). Parent asked me if she should pay me or the agency. In all professionalism I informed her to pay the agency first, with full confidence that Nanyang Academics will handle this properly. But after going through numerous texts and calls Ethan refused to reply or transfer the due fees.

Is it all worth it Ethan, for a paltry single lesson fee, to bring such shame to the education sector? I'm not sure about your background but it appears certain that you are not en educator, for an educator will not treat another like this.