National University of Singapore (NUS),

Anderson Junior College (AJC)

B.A. (First Class Honours) in English Language

Full time private tutor

'A' Level General Paper Tuition,

'O' Level English Tuition

GP Tuition SG


Mr Steven Ooi believes that every true teacher is always a student, as the duty of every human being is to learn for life; to make the most of the beautiful human mind he has been given. A teacher must embody that very spirit so that he can teach his students to learn how to learn.

As Mr Ooi loves to pursue knowledge without any boundaries, he takes to General Paper like a fish to water; in his mind, this subject is about complete freedom of learning, an education fit for a free person and not a slave. He is also passionate about the English language and enjoys teaching the subject at secondary level as well. He graduated from NUS as the top student in English Language of his cohort, and received First Class Honours as well as the Minerva Prize.

His teaching approach is a blend of the systematic and the inspired: systematic in building a student from the fundamentals first and cultivating top-notch exam technique; inspired in firing up the student's interest in everything from politics to technology to culture, as he believes that intellectual curiosity and a yearning to learn are vital engines not only in GP, but in one's career in the Internet Age.

While he has produced sterling results at the A-levels and O-levels with students from both prestigious and humble schools, where Mr Ooi finds greatest pride is in shaping the individual to aid her in the process of self-discovery and the moulding of a vision in life. Many youths struggle to find their purpose in life, and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Armed with a certificate in Counselling and over a decade's experience working with youths, Mr Ooi is well equipped to help students overcome their personal problems; cultivate positive psychology; and fulfil their highest potential as individuals and members of society.