Stanford University,

National University of Singapore (NUS),

Anderson Junior College (AJC),

Maris Stella High School

Ph.D in Electrical Engineering (Stanford University),

Note: Dr Thian was awarded the National Science Scholarship by ASTAR to pursue his doctorate degree in Stanford University.

MSc in Statistics (Stanford University),

MSc in Electrical Engineering (Stanford University),

BEng (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)- 1st Class Honours (NUS)

Part time private tutor

Polytechnic/University Level Maths Tuition,

'A' Level H2 F Maths Tuition,

'A' Level H1/H2/H3 Maths Tuition,

'O' Level A/E Maths Tuition


I am a Mathematics specialist with 10 years of experience in private tutoring. I specialize in upper secondary, JC, polytechnic and University Mathematics. Other levels which I am able to teach include Engineering Mathematics (Polytechnic and University), Statistics (JC, Polytechnic and University), Electrical Engineering subjects (Polytechnic and University level).

I am extremely well versed in the syllabus and topics for H1/H2 Mathematics at JC level. Although not a full time lecturer, I have many friends who are lecturers/HOD at JC and Polytechnics and therefore are kept up to changes in the syllabus/topics.

Being an extremely competitive person myself, I strive to impart this trait into my students. The feedback from my students have always been excellent. My goal is to help my students achieve his potential -- not only in examinations, but also in his/her life.

During examination periods, I make my schedule extremely flexible to cater to the needs of the students.

My students improved an average of 2 grades after receiving tuition from me (i.e from D to B, or from C to A).

Don't hesitate to contact me if you need help in University level Mathematics too (I'm well-qualified to teach it).