Singapore Management University (SMU),

Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC)

Bachelor of Laws

Part time private tutor

Creative Writing

As a creative writing educator, I am guided by the 4 principles below:

1. Writing Conveys Thoughts.

I seek to develop thinkers then writers.

2. Effective Learning is Holistic and Current.

I draw on a myriad of creative writing techniques and materials (from current affairs to pop culture) to inspire awareness, creativity and effective writing.

3. A Trusting Environment Builds Confidence.

I believe in providing young learners with a trusting environment, one that encourages and empowers.

4. Love is the Key to Success.

When young learners bubble and froth with love for writing, they are more likely to work harder and achieve success with the written word.

My creative writing classes are not tailored with examinations in mind, as true education should not be, in my opinion. Guided by the 4 principles above, my aim is simple: to develop young learners into globally-aware thinkers and effective communicators.