2012 Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts' List of Most Influential Singaporean Tutors On The Internet

Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts is proud to unveil its inaugural list (yes a very short list) of Singaporean educators who have wielded considerable influence in various local online learning communities and made substantial contributions to helping students better themselves academically. Our selection criteria revolved around these core considerations:

"Only those who have actively participated/shared in various online forums and discussion platforms for the past 18 months are eligible. They must have accumulated significant, positive reputation which comes as a consequence of being acknowledged for their generous efforts of assistance without expecting any tangible reward in return. Tutors who helm popular websites but maintain minimal interaction with learners outside their personal teaching worlds will not qualify."

Without further ado, here is the list:


Moniker: UltimaOnline (Subject: H2 Chemistry)

Presence: SG Club Forum, SG Homework Forum

Moniker: Whitecorp (Subject: H2 Mathematics)

Presence: SG Club Forum, Xtreme Papers Community, AllExperts Portal

Moniker: Wee_ws (Subject: H2 Mathematics)

Presence: SG Homework Forum


Moniker: MathIzzzFun (Subject: Pri Mathematics)

Presence: Kiasu Parents Forum