Benefits of Listing With Us

1. You get your own full profile page which is made completely accessible to all prospective tutees and their parents. No concealment of key contact information, which therefore expedites/facilitates communication. No signing-up required, which typically turns off anybody who is interested to reach you directly.

2. We are not an agency. We charge no commission whatsoever when you secure a tutoring job through this site. We pledge never to touch a single cent of your money that is so painfully earned through teaching endeavors. So rejoice, no shitty 50% cut forever. However, it would be nice if you can help spread word about your positive experience here.

3. For greater visibility of the site (which pretty much translates to enhanced publicity for all our listed tutors), we have taken to other numerous paid advertising platforms, including Google Adwords, and to name to name a few. (Feel free to click on the under-lined sites to view our actual ad-placements). Did we forget to mention advertorials? Here's ONE which you can take a look at. You can literally sit back and relax while we do the marketing and bring business to your doorstep.


4. We are more than just a simple tuition database. We are building a powerhouse brand.Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts is evolving into a multi-faceted portal, with various other features/columns initiated which serve to engage visitors in a much more meaningful, holistic manner. Great content draws a larger audience, and this ultimately translates to you receiving a much larger volume of tuition inquiries.

5. Anal is the accurate adjective to describe us when it comes to quality control. We have zero tolerance for mediocrity, so rest assured you belong to an exclusive club whose influence will only grow and shine brighter in the future years to come (that of course is provided you make the cut on your own merit).